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Friday, 03 October 2008 06:37

Fast Net News & DSL Prime

DSL PrimeThe readers you need to reach are here. Strong reporting for a decade has built a remarkable audience, 15,000 for the email newsletter alone.

DSL Prime began in 1999 as the world was just beginning to go broadband. Fewer than 200,000 people were hooked up. Today, over 400 million people around the world are connected. We've been there from the beginning, know all the players and technology, and produce the definitive reporting. http://fastnetnews.com/dslprime

We've always covered more than the narrow DSL stories. What are the carriers doing? Will government policy speed or delay your build out plans? Is that a combined box with DSL and a femtocell for your mobile customers?

After ten years, we're we are starting the DOCSIS Report.  We were among the first to report on DOCSIS 3.0's potential to go to a gigabit, and of Comcast's plans to be the first in the country to deploy. We've developed a strong readership among the tech leaders in cable. Both cable and DSL leaders need to know the latest cost of bandwidth, whether customers are going for speed or price, and whether customers want wireless or simple gateways. We were the first to report on the decline of p2p and bittorrent, as viewing shifted to You Tube, Hulu, and other streaming. Our story was backed by technical data from AT&T directly showing the shift. That's a story everyone delivering the net needed to know.  http://fastnetnews.com/docsisreport

      Fiber News is taking shape at http://fastnetnews.com/fiber-news More to come; Jennie and Dave literally "wrote the book" on TV over the net, Web Video: Making It Great, Getting It Noticed (Peachpit Press 2008)

    Strong reporting, strong audience, strong media. We're innovating with "Burma Shave Ads" a great ways to draw attention and include the details that will sell the product. Advertiser friendly policies. No contracts. No printer deadlines. No arbitrary rules about your copy and design. We'll almost always find a way to accommodate your creative ideas.

   A sponsorship is a complete package.

  • 15,000 receive the email of whom a remarkable percentage are the decision makers at your customers and prospects.  All subscribed directly because this we are the prime information source.
  • A web site that is increasing in audience where you can target the ad to a very specific audience
  • Special blasts when you have something crucial to say or introduce. We never inundate the readers, so they pay attention to your mail.
  • A banner on the home page.
  • A 250 x 250 ad on every page.
  • Extra support for events, reports, and your client's campaign
  • Full access to site stats to verify performance
  • All reasonable form of ads accommodated: Flash, animation, even video. Standard dart/doubleclickand other ad networks supported.

DSL Prime
Full $5,000/month
Half $3,000/month
Quarter $1,750/month

DOCSIS Report, Fiber News, Wireless Cloud, Internet and Television
Will be
Full $3,000
Half $1.750
Quarter $1,000

Until March 1,
Full $600
Half $350
Quarter $200
Guaranteed relevant impressions to more than justify the cost.

Prime/FNN quad ad
The most effective way to get your message across to decision makers in the industry.  Four ads (up to 55 words) spaced around the lead articles. The extended format grabs attention. The separate ads allow communicating all the sales features of your product.  The quad ads are included in all full or half sponsorships.

Standard 728 x 90 Leaderboard Standard 250 x 250 Other styles accommodated, including redesigning our layout if that's what it takes.

In all cases, we'll help you prepare the ad, understand the audience, and help you track results.

Regular advertisers get extra services, including market and industry information (think light weight consulting.) Speeches and presentations at events, etc.