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Gigabit Cable Modems Coming to Market at SCTE
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 20:17

Hitron’s ready for CableLabs Certification. By this time next year, some cable companies will be offering 600 megabit-1 gigabit (shared) downloads. ARRIS and Hitron both showed 16-24 channel modems at SCTE, promising samples in a few months and volume production sometime next year. Both use the Intel Puma 6 chip and 3x3 MIMO for WiFi performance. Intel offers a reference design they all but promise will pass CableLabs, so numerous vendors should be on the market soon. In early days, the price will likely be high but that shouldn't last very long.

ARRIS also is ready to upgrade their best-selling C4 CMTS with software and a System Control Module. No word from lead competitor Cisco on when they will match, but they certainly are working hard. The main limit, once the gear is field-proven, will be bandwidth. Most U.S. systems don't have a spare dozen channels. Some Europeans, where they carry fewer TV channels, will be able to jump on early. SK in Korea has announced they will be upgrading as soon as possible; they face tough competition from fiber.

Sharing on cable works remarkably well. I'd estimate actual performance will be better than 500 megabits 95+% of the time. More than 99% of the time users are likely to achieve 200 megabits. If anything, those are low estimates. Speeds may occasionally go down as bandwidth demand increases over time. But the new gear should reliably deliver 100 megabits for the rest of this decade.

More on gigabit cable.  Here's the product sheet from Hitron and the press releases from ARRIS and Intel.

Hitron Hitron

ARRIS Announces Newest C4® CMTS Software Release

Features Include Enhanced IPv6 Support

Suwanee, GA – October 9, 2012: ARRIS Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRS) today

announced in-service availability of Release 8.1 software for its global industry-leading
CMTS, further enhancing performance and value for the installed base of C4 CMTS and
C4c™ CMTS products.


The C4 CMTS has been shipping in volume for over ten years, making it one of the
industry’s most successful CMTS platforms. C4 CMTS customers have come to rely
on its availability, performance, density, and cost-effectiveness and can expect more of
the same with Release 8.1. Release 8.1, in conjunction with the installation of a System
Control Module 3 (SCM), delivers improved performance for control plane-related tasks
including IP Detail Record (IPDR), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
and Command Line Interface (CLI); increases in IPv6 route scaling; additional DSG
feature support; and improved support for Lawful Intercept (LI) applications in Europe.
These features further augment existing C4 CMTS trademark capabilities, such as hitless
failover and high scaling of subscriber devices.


“We are pleased to announce this next step in the continuing evolution and upgrade of
the C4 CMTS platform,” said ARRIS VP Product Management Todd Kessler. “We want
our customers to be able to take advantage of its new functionality and features to offer
their subscribers greater reliability and service. At the same time, we constantly strive to
reduce their total cost of C4 CMTS ownership.”


Intel Previews 1Gbps DOCSIS* 3.0 Gateway Capability at The Cable Show

Intel previews 1 gigabit per second DOCSIS 3.0 capability in its latest gateway solution, the Intel® Puma™ 6.
  • Next-generation Intel® Puma™ gateway allows service providers to extend their investments in current network infrastructure.
  • South Korea’s SKbroadband targeting deployment of 1Gbps network in 2013.

THE CABLE SHOW, Boston, May 21, 2012 – Intel Corporation today previewed its first DOCSIS* 3.0 cable gateway solution that is capable of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). The Intel® Puma™ 6 technology solution will help enable service providers to meet consumer demand and offer new services while extending their extensive network investments. A test program by South Korea’s SKbroadband is targeting production deployment of 1Gbps in 2013.

As the number of Internet-connected devices in the home grows, service providers are challenged to provide higher broadband speeds to more customers utilizing an existing cable network. A service provider’s ability to scale up to this high level of bandwidth will help enable new high-bandwidth experiences for what the industry calls “TV Everywhere,” an immersive blend of Internet, television, gaming and applications across multiple screens throughout the home.

With the advanced technology of the DOCSIS 3.0 specification, multiple system operators (MSOs) can offer more users faster access to bandwidth-intensive experiences such as streaming video or online gaming using their existing network infrastructure and DOCSIS 3.0 equipment. Due to the flexibility of this technology, the Intel Puma 6 achieves the 1Gbps downstream speeds by bonding up to 24 DOCSIS channels (up from eight bonded channels in a typical deployment today). Intel Puma 6 has an upload speed that is double current-generation DOCSIS modems. With up to 240Mps upstream (eight bonded channels), more consumers will benefit from new services that include video conferencing, cloud storage and easy sharing.

“We continue to lead in DOCSIS technology, and are now providing cable gateway solutions with 1Gbps capability,” said Alan Crouch, general manager of Intel’s Service Provider Division. “Service providers can now deliver on consumer demands for higher broadband speeds, supporting a proliferation of new devices, services and experiences.”

The Intel Puma family system architecture provides OEMs with flexibility to easily customize their products to fit a wide range of MSO-required and optional features such as high data rates, wireless communications, power down modes and telephone support. Intel was the first to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 technology with Intel® Puma™ 5, and over 20 million DOCSIS 3.0 systems have shipped.

“SKbroadband is proud to lead the world in piloting a 1 gigabit Internet experience,” said Dae Chul Noh, team leader of SKbroadband’s Network Division. “Our customers use these lightning-fast Internet speeds for high-definition TV, multi-player gaming, video conferencing and more.”

 ARRIS Debuts Game Changing Family of Touchstone® Wireless Voice

and Data Gateways Capable of Bonding 16 & 24 Downstream Channels

Complete Portfolio Gives Operators Options for MoCA® and Wi-Fi® Home
Networking, Telephony and Near 1 Gigabit Data Speeds to Enable TV Everywhere

Suwanee, GA – October 16, 2012: ARRIS Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRS) today
announced its next generation DOCSIS® 3.0 wireless in-home network gateways
capable of delivering video and data at near 1 Gigabit speeds. Cable operators can use
these gateways to provide subscribers with high bandwidth, triple play and multiscreen
services. The gateways will be on display at ARRIS booth #2802 during SCTE Cable
Tec Expo in Orlando, October 16-19, 2012 and will be available in Q1, 2013 to start
customer certifications.

The newest Touchstone voice and data devices provide flexible options for 16x4 and
24x8 channel bonding. The gateways includes Intel® PUMA™6 and Intel PUMA6MG
; MaxLinear’s Full Spectrum Capture™ front end receivers; and Celeno’s CLR260 3x3:3
(MIMO) Wi-Fi technology with beam forming in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. This
new family of next generation gateways delivers multiple home networks for carrier class
distribution of all IP video, data and voice:

Cable operators choosing the appropriate ARRIS Touchstone gateways can:

Deliver the next step in TV Everywhere services and high speed connectivity
Offer the home or small office subscriber with a business class wireless solution

“With every device consumers add to their in-home networks, the demand for
bandwidth must be met. Consequently, speed leadership is a pillar of our customers’
competitive position,” said Derek Elder, SVP and GM of the ARRIS Touchstone CPE
Division. “ARRIS has been the world leader in DOCSIS CPE for years because we
understand that one product cannot serve all of the application needs of service providers.
We are announcing today a complete portfolio of DOCSIS 3.0 voice and data gateways
designed to assure that our customers deploy precisely the right bandwidth and services
for each application with the best in-home wireless coverage and performance.”