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"We are an urban wireless company" Seidenberg
Friday, 07 May 2010 12:43

Giambologna_raptodasabinaI've been hearing rumors that Verizon was still looking to dump most lines in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York outside the big metros. Chuck Bartels of AP quotes "We have no plans to sell any more wireline," but notes Seidenberg "added plans could change. ... Verizon isn't geared to serve areas with a low density of traditional phone lines or sparse wireless coverage." "We are an urban wireless company" Seidenberg is quoted.

      Verizon since 2002 has been treating these areas like the Romans treated the Sabine Women. Four states Verizon pushed off had DSL availabilities around 60%, among the lowest in the developed world. Verizon has gone to court to block Maryland from the data of what's served and unserved, but I'd bet rural Maryland, Southern Virginia and several other areas for sale have been equally plundered.

      In 2003, Verizon President Larry Babbio told Wall Street they would fiber most of their lines and sell the rest. After the bankruptcies at Hawaiian Tel and Fairpoint, buyers are few. Several million families are in limbo, with terrible service. There oughta be a law. 

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