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Newsbreak: AT&T Asked Apple to Block YouTube on iPhone
Friday, 30 July 2010 15:57
Kris Rinne of AT&T asked Apple to "restrict its YouTube app to run only over Wi-Fi. Maybe the iPhone could feature a smaller, lower-resolution videostream or cut off YouTube videos after one minute," Vogelstein, Wired, Great article), I checked with AT&T and they did not deny this was true. AT&T sells its own video packages, of course, and did not intend to limit those. That concrete evidence of AT&T's desire to throttle should be enough to put a monkey wrench in the works but TANJ.
Cicconi_laughingTaukeKyle_McSlarrow      This weekend, uber-lobbyists Cicconi (AT&T), Tauke (Verizon) and McSlarrow (Cable) are at the FCC to make a final deal on net neutrality, Arbogast and Kaut report. Ivan Seidenberg has put enormous pressure on the White House to intervene, and the rumor is that chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is telling agencies to go along. Seidenberg, who has been to the White House 16 times,made a major D.C. speech suggesting that the business community would throw their money and power against the Democrats in the campaign. NN was one of the specific points he demanded. 
       Under pressure like that, Julius has already agreed to almost everything Cicconi really wants, including loopholes wide enough to carry 350 TV channels. K & A say there is still some opposition so that nothing is final and that the public interest groups are ready to assail Julius. Meanwhile, Verizon and Google are discussing a separate peace that will make the FCC irrelevant.  
       This one is about power and money, not principle. The likely outcome is an agreement that will allow everyone to say noble things, will allow Julius to look himself in the mirror, and will essentially have no substance.
       I hope I'm wrong. 
note - big error. It's Verizon and Google talking a separate peace. I accidentally wrote Verizon and AT&T. 



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