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Paying $137M, Alcatel "Doesn't Do Things Like That Anymore"
Friday, 31 December 2010 21:07
DOJ and SEC have collected $137M and released a few details. We now know Alcatel not merely bribed Costa Rican Presidents but also went over the line in Malaysia, Taiwan, Honduras, Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Angola, Ivory Coast, Uganda and Mali. No senior executives have been criminally charged, although few believe they weren't aware of what was going on - especially Mike Quigley.
    Alcatel's admitted payments are far less than Siemens's bribes and may be smaller than what ZTE was offering in the Philippines. There is no proof that the French government pressured the U.S. There is no evidence that Alcatel Board Member Stuart Eizenstat, long time senior U.S. official, played any role.  People in business "do what they have to do" and are "pragmatists."

    Australian politicians battling the NBN finally realized that NBN head Mike Quigley was in charge of much of Alcatel when the bribes were paid. Mike is a very competent manager and they probably will be reluctant to fire him. He was head of Alcatel Americas, but when I asked Alcatel whether he had responsibility for Central America they refused to give me an answer.  The opposition leader in Parliament just attacked him. Investigations have (finally) begun in Malaysia and other countries.

     Alcatel meanwhile has terminated the use of sales agents and other consultants that are frequently used as middlemen. Maybe that's why they've lost some big contracts in India lately.

      Update: Australia's NBN released a statement: ''Neither Mike Quigley nor Jean-Pascal Beaufret had any involvement in the matters which were the subject of the US Securities and Exchange Commission announcement relating to Alcatel-Lucent'. The actions of Alcatel-Lucent employees detailed in the claim ''fell outside the accountability and jurisdiction of both Mr Quigley and Mr Beaufret.'' Beaufret was Alcatel CFO and now also works for NBN. If Mike didn't know something funny was going on with $10's of millions in his division at Alcatel, NBN should promptly fire him for incompetence. 

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