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Kuwait "relentlessly calling on ISP's to lower internet service prices"
Saturday, 18 June 2011 16:00
The popular sentiment, even in wealthy Gulf States, is that Internet prices need to come down. Some of the most interesting carriers, Etisalat in particular, come from the region. Abu Dhabi is the first capital city to approach 100% fiber to the home and soon nearly all the UAE will be fibered. Al-Mazidi sounds good in this statement, but like all politicians, Al-Mazidi should be judged on results, not rhetoric. From the official Kuwaiti news agency:

Communication ministry calls on ISPs to reduce internet prices
Communications  6/15/2011 6:29:00 PM
Minister of Information and Communication Sami Al-NesefMinister of Information and Communication Sami Al-Nesef
KUWAIT, June 15 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Ministry of Communication Undersecretary Abdulmuhsen Al-Mazidi stressed Wednesday the importance of decreasing internet service prices, calling upon by the ministry to open up the country's market for other Internet Service Providers (ISP).
Al-Mazidi told KUNA that there are many aspects relating to communication and information technology with regard to internet prices that needs to be addressed, including the completion of a vision establish a law on the Communication and Information Technology Institute, which in turn organize such fields.
The official added that his ministry is relentlessly calling on ISP's to lower internet service prices according to capacities agreed upon previously.
Al-Mazidi noted that the ministry is also keen to complete soon laws regarding the institute mentioned previously, adding that a draft law is expected to be approved by the assigned National Assembly Committee next Sunday.
Meanwhile, Minister of Information and Communication Sami Al-Nesef issued a decision to reduce prices of telephone mobile communications in the country, including mobile calls made locally or internationally through any of GCC countries.
The Ministry of Communication said, in a statement, ministerial decision 119-2011 was based on proposed recommendations by the GCC 19th ministers of communication and information last year, which state on the importance of local private companies to abide by agreed upon prices on mobile calls inside GCC countries. (end) mgb.mb KUNA 151829 Jun 11NNNN


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