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Verizon’s Mike Ritter: Upload becoming more relevant
Monday, 17 September 2012 17:06

Vanhastel: VDSL’s 10-40 meg upstream is strategic. Mike Ritter believes FiOS’s upstream is crucial against cable. “With most cable offerings, their maximum upstream is around 5 Mbps up and they are limited on what they can do on the uplink. We believe that as the cloud becomes more prevalent, the upload becomes even more relevant. When we think about applications like video calling, you can do it on your computer via Skype, but if I want to do it off my high def TV then the pipes become critical if you want to have that sort of experience.

  “We think that maybe the hidden sauce is that download is important today, but upload becomes more important in the future.

We'll position it as, you're future-proofing your decision. Even though you may not need all of that today, we believe in two or three years it's
something that becomes critical for you.” (Interview with Sean Buckley at Fierce. http://www.fiercetelecom.com/story/verizons-mike-ritter-building-foundation-broadband-needs-300-mbps/2012-06-14)

    Alcatel’s Vanhastel tells me the Europeans are also very interested in the 10-40 megabit upstream possible for many with vectored VDSL. “Of course, meeting the 100 megabit EU goal is paramount for our operators. Beyond that, many are also excited by the higher upstream speeds.” Vectored VDSL is sweeping Europe like a tsunami, I’ve written. It dramatically improves performance at a price that doesn’t break capex budgets.

   Cable has the technology for upstream to tens of megabits but isn’t deploying yet. http://bit.ly/OwF40R

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