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100,000 DSL Lines in Nepal
Saturday, 22 December 2012 20:18

Nepali Village16M wireless subscriptions, 5M wireless data subs. DSL subscriptions have doubled in two years in Nepal, the kind of feel good story in an unlikely place I’ve often included. But looking at the rest of the Nepalese figures reminded me how minor a role DSL - no matter how successful - is likely to play in most countries without wires already in place.

     3G mobile offered speeds of several hundred kilobits, as much as typical DSL plans in bandwidth starved countries. 3.5G is often in the megabits; LTE runs faster than 10 megabits in the U.S. and 50-75 in some other countries. Wireless now offers the performance of most DSL, although it still doesn’t have the capacity needed to watch most video. 

     Almost half of Nepal’s 26M people have mobile phones. As smartphones become cheaper, more and more will connect to the net. The capacity will be fine for Facebook, surfing, email and VOIP calls. Video will be limited and it will be years before most mobile networks have the capacity to support a video service like Netflix.

    In a few years, more people in Nepal will connect to the net than in Belgium, population 11M.

Data from Nepal Telecommunications Authority NTA MIS -67 and http://www.ntc.net.np

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