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Woz: NBN is not why I'm going Australian
Written by Dave Burstein   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012 23:01

WozniakCan’t get high speed in Los Gatos, California but that’s not the story. It was too good to be a true story. Headlines around the world included “ Wozniak likes NBN so much, he's applying for citizenship” and “Woz Wants to Become an Aussie Citizen Because of Country’s National Broadband Network” . Half of the story is true - the Apple co-founder is hoping to become an Australian citizen, although he isn't giving up his U.S. citizenship. He does think NBN is good, and said so. He is unhappy that in the heart of Silicon Valley cable won’t come up his hill and Verizon can’t deliver more than 1.5 megabits. Reporter after reporter copied the original AFR story, including CNBC in the U.S. and the Telegraph in England. They should have checked with the source. When I did, Steve emailed

“I am taking the first steps toward my goal of Australian citizenship, which is to apply for an extended visa so that I can reside here. I have desired to find the path to accomplish this for decades. It has nothing to do with NBN (faulty reporting) although I'm always a staunch advocate for technology and bandwidth and sharing and internet freedom. But the two things are not connected. NBN is good in my mind and is a side benefit but that's all.”

    Sorry to disappoint you, Steve Conroy.