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Gigabit and More Wireless Surprising Close

Stanford Professor Andrea Goldsmith believes wireless capacity can increase 50 times in the next 5 to 10 years. We'll soon have gigabits rather than the tens ... more

$200 for Fiber to the Basement in East Europe

I didn't believe Rupert Wood's estimate but he has strong evidence. The going estimate for fiber to a typical neighborhood is $300-$500/unit, based on actual experience ... more

No One Buys Cable Caps at Time Warner

News image

Fewer than 1 in 100 take 30 gig cap for $5 discount. CEO Rob Marcus reports only "thousands" of Time Warner's 11M customers are taking the ... more

~$1,000/home Fiber at CenturyQwest

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45,000 homes passed in Nebraska. Randall Stephenson of AT&T last year claimed "fiber costs have come all the way down" and Stu Ewing of Century j... more

Wireless Cloud

Good News: Alcatel LTE in China Telecom

News image

Adds giant China Telecom contract to China Mobile. I'm glad I can break some good news for Alcatel. China Telecom is upgrading 60,000 towers to LTE, ... more

France's $13 Unlimited Voice, SMS Confirms Mobile Glut:

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Under $20 with 1 Gig of Data. Coriolis, riding the excellent SFR network, has brought French mobile prices down even further. For $13, you get unlimited ... more

New iPhone Doesn't Suck: Twice as Fast Processor, Multipath TCP-IP ...

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Apparently one helluva camera as well. Apple stock dropped $40B - 10% - because the new iPhone has a low wow factor. Pundits worldwide are explaining how ... more

Dumbly Disrespecting FCC Four Freedoms

Verizon refusing to connect Jeff Jarvis' LTE Nexus a very, very dumb move.  If I buy a new LTE tablet and want to shift my SIM ... more

Fiber News

Rogers Cable Big Fiber Home RFP

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Biggest Canadian may be getting serious. Does fiber replace DOCSIS? Alcatel thinks so, touting their new fiber customer, small Japanese cableco Tonami . Rogers might be the ... more

10 Gigabit EPON Going to Production

China Telecom buying in. 10G EPON has moved from trials to ordinary commercial use, Julie Kunstler of Ovum tells me after her visit there. Babak Samimi ... more

Russia Passing U.S. in Fiber. What?

Both around 20M homes passed but Russia surging ahead. Rostelcom, Beeline, MTS and others are running fiber to the basement and 100 meg Ethernet to apartment ... more

George Soros Bets $75M on U.K. Fiber Home

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Legendary investor sees a profitable business model Operating profits on a fiber network are typically very high - once it’s built and customers acquired. So the ... more

DOCSIS Report Cable

Voice Falloff Leads Revenue Down at Sweden's Com Hem

Wireless substitution cutting fixed voice subscribers. Cablecos, like telcos, inevitably will lose voice customers, probably soon at rate between 5% and 10% per year. Com Hem, ... more

960-1200 Megabit Cable Modems Ready to Go

Could but won't be offered for $5/month more than today's cable. Rogers Cable in Canada is deploying Hitron/Intel 24 channel modems that reach a (shared) speed ... more

Politics Limiting China to 5M Cable Modems

Despite a Politburo decision two years ago to increase competition, the Chinese telcos are succeeding in keeping the cablecos out of major markets. As broadband lines ... more

400 Megabit Cable Boxes Shipping

Liberty Global delivering 10's of thousands of Horizon boxes. Intel's latest cable modem chip bonds eight channels for 400 megabits shared downstream.... more

Internet & Television

HD Headed Under 2 Megabits: H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding

News image

4K Ultra HD also coming, for sets over 100 inches. Those who think we need 50 meg and more for home TV haven't been tracking the ... more

HD TV Over Home Wireless in Everyday Use at Swisscom

Saving a $200-$400 truckroll?  Vendors have been promising for years video quality wireless around the home, but Swisscom is the first Western carrier to offer a ... more

$40 IPTV Set Tops, Quantity 3 Million

With basic IPTV selling for less than $3/month, China Telecom can't afford an expensive set top. To bring prices down, they are requesting bids for 2.83 ml... more

Cordcutters: Roku, WD, Playstation or ??

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We made a mistake buying the Roku box. It's great for Netflix, but doesn't play AVI's and other common formats I get often. Dan Rayburn, the ... more

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 "We've never had a spectrum shortage." Cell phone inventor Marty Cooper

Stanford Professor Andrea Goldsmith believes wireless capacity can increase 50 times in the next 5 to 10 years. We�ll soon have gigabits rather than the tens of megabits now typical. The cost of delivering each bit - or gigabyte - is dropping at a ferocious rate. Prices are staying high in most countries.

   Inability to sell the capacity coming online at the prices they want is far more of a problem for telcos than the wildly exaggerated spectrum "crisis." The result is a desperate effort to eliminate competitors around the world. It�s easy to see price-fixing is the goal behind Sprint/T-Mobile, Bouygues/SFR, Telefonica/E-Plus, Softbank/eAccess, AT&T/Leap and the massive CEO support for ETNO�s campaign to shrink the industry.

   Cell phone inventor Marty Cooper points out "we've never had a spectrum shortage." By and large, the �spectrum crisis� has been invented by politicians and lobbyists who pull politicians� strings. In all but  limited situations, there�s plenty of bandwidth and spectrum.

   Randall Stephenson and St�phane Richard lose sleep about competitors taking too many customers, �commoditizing� the mobile market. Smart public policy advocates dream about the same result - competition bringing prices in line with costs.

  To learn more about what's coming, join me and some of the world�s best engineers in two weeks at Ted Rappaport�s 5G event NYU Wireless center. In person http://bit.ly/QTwOe5 or at the (overly expensive) live-stream  http://bit.ly/1e39Ewh  In two years, Ted has built one of the world's best research centers at NYU.
    Time Warner Cable has already announced 400 megabits to me in New York and their customers in LA. Kabel Deutschland is considering a gigabit over cable. So this week's Informa�s G.fast event in Berlin http://bit.ly/PM12i6. is particularly timely. Say hello to the round fellow with a beard.

    Plan ahead for the Marconi webinars: Sir David Payne on fiber�s future on April 29th and John Cioffi on �Gigabits to the billions� May 8. 



Australian DSLAM article disclaimer

For the record, since I hope to keep down the volume of flames. I don’t know as much about Australia’s network needs as many CommsDay readers ... more

Germany: When Landlines End, Wireless Must Be Just as Good and Cost No More

Deutsche Telekom agrees. Even conservative politician Bernhard Kaster “will insist that there is no deterioration.” http://bit.ly/16gDiEV Bärbel Höhn of the Greens added, "What must not happen is ... more

For the record: Dave to Austan Goolsbee on USF Waste

  Obama $9B plan for faster schools will likely be full of waste. Austan Goolsbee, now the President's chief economic advisor, in 2006 wrote a paper on ... more

Times on Wheeler "An Industry Man for the F.C.C."

Time to answer questions. "President Obama has picked a former telecommunications lobbyist and campaign fund-raiser to serve as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, raising serious ... more


Big Vector Deployments Delayed Until 2014

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The vendors were optimistic about when the key problems would be solved. Belgacom was the first to say they are slowing down with little beyond trials until 2014. The Swisscom announcement speaks of q$ 2013 but will probably start slowly. Deutsche ...


Gigabit Easy with GPON and 10G PON for Decades

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Harstead and Sharpe of Alcatel base forecast on conservative traffic projections. 10’s of millions of homes, including millions at Verizon, have GPON connections easily capable of delivering a gigabit downstream to each home 99+% of the time. While the total ...


Lisa Di Feliciantonio: FastWeb Quickly Deploying 3.5M Vectored Lines

Working closely with Telecom Italia. “Telecom Italia insisted installing our own cabinets would be impossible but our engineers disagreed. So we announced we would move ahead. With the regulator watching, Italia agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding. We are going ...


Cisco: Mobile Growth Going Down, Down, Down

2012 U.S. predicted 259 PB/month, actual 222 PB/month. World predicted 1,252, actual 884. The 100% growth rates for mobile data are disappearing, as predicted since 2009 by most experts and ignored by JG and other policy people. 86% in 2012 and ...


Another ISP Hits the Dust: Telefónica Dumps 500,000 Customers at O2 Britain

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~$700 as Britain falls to 3 1/2 broadband players 4 companies - BT with 6+M Sky, Talktalk & Virgin with 4+M - control 20M of Britain’s 22M broadband lines as smaller ISPs can’t compete and get taken over. Telefónica found that ev...


Smartphone Wars: $50 in China for iPhone 4 Performance

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Smartphones cheap enough for the poor are changing the world. Africa in a few years will have more Internet users than the United States. So will India, as cheap smartphones reach nearly everyone. Indonesians, nearly invisible on the web because ...