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Editorial: Hire or Fire Scott Barash at Universal Service
Saturday, 11 September 2010 19:26
Scott Barash as "Acting CEO" doesn't have the power or confidence to improve the agency. After 4 years and 9 months as "acting" it's time to either give him the job or find someone else. The person running the agency needs to have the authority to get things done.
As acting head of USAC, Scott Barash has been essentially invisible. That's smart when you have no security in a job. Years ago I learned being "acting" anything is a terrible position. I spent 14 months "acting" at WBAI-FM and in practice couldn't do what the job required. People I ask speak well of Barash personally. His resume is strong, and he may be the right person to create USAC's future. If so, Julius should give him the job and the backing to do it well.