Yes Donald Trump ending the boycott of ZTE. It would have failed in 6-12 months as ZTE & China prove they don't need U.S. SMIC has purchased a $120B EUV chipmaking machine and will offer the most advanced fabrication services.

Yes India's Bharatnet has connected 350,000 villages with fiber and expects the remaining 350,000 within a year. Next step: Adding Wi-Fi, often by local businessmen

No, No, No Giving ?Verizon $B's in 3.5 GHz spectrum for relatively nothing. That's the end result of the rules proposed by Intelsat and SES covering what had been satellite spectrum.

No Claiming Net Neutrality caused a major drop in investment. The data falls apart when closely examined by anyone objective.

No EU recommending 20-year spectrum terms without any evidence it will increase investment. Almost all spectrum should be shared.

Yes Xavier Niel's Salt is offering 10 gigabits to 1.3M Swiss homes for 50 Swiss francs