Cable added 1,000,000 DSL/telco fiber 10,000. The data below are from Bruce Leichtman, who has been consistently accurate. The trend to cable is clear in the 50M homes that are still running DSL versions that are ten years out of date. AT&T & Verizon are doing fine in U-Verse and FiOS territory but are getting clobbered elsewhere.

DSL beats cable in Canada, France, and England. The U.S. policy types who say a cable monopoly is almost inevitable are uninformed. AT&T & Verizon have decided to go wireless-only across about 25% of their homes. They virtually stopped investment in those areas and have been very open with Wall Street about their plans. The wireline business is profitable in those areas but wireless-only makes more money. Or so they expect. 

China Mobile added 2.65M new wired subscribers in March.

Q1 data from Leichtman. 


Broadband Internet Subscribers at End 
of 1Q 2016
Net Adds in 
1Q 2016
Cable Companies
Comcast 23,767,000 438,000
Time Warner Cable 13,640,000 327,000
Charter 5,727,000 155,000
Cablevision 2,828,000 19,000
Suddenlink 1,253,000 30,000
Mediacom 1,114,000 29,000
WOW (WideOpenWest) 722,300 9,800
Cable ONE 508,424 7,183
Other Major Private Cable Companies* 6,775,000 50,000
Total Top Cable 56,334,724 1,064,983
Phone Companies
AT&T 15,764,000 (14,000)
Verizon 9,218,000 (10,000)
CenturyLink 6,056,000 8,000
Frontier^ 2,468,600 24,600
Windstream 1,092,000 (3,100)
FairPoint 311,323 193
Cincinnati Bell 292,400 5,000
Total Top Phone Companies 35,202,323 10,693
Total Broadband 91,537,047 1,075,676


Leichtman covers ~94% of the market. I believe most of the remainder are telco, which might improve the numbers slightly.