Moving from to Wave 2 at "up to 1 gig." has grown beyond home powerline into a legitimate contender for in-building broadband. KT, using Marvell chips has been offering hundreds of megabits since late 2014. KT reaches several million apartments now and intends to cover 95% of Koreans who can't get fiberhome by the end of 2017. That puts a year or more ahead of

KT, working with Ubiquoss and Lightworks, has begun exporting the system. They have a deal with Turk Telecom and a  demonstration building in Barcelona near Mobile World Congress. As you can see from their pr below, they plan a strong export campaign; the picture is the cover of their slick brochure. is not as complex as with vectoring and many other features. That means it's simpler and cheaper. Chano Gomez of Marvell believes Wave 2 can match today's chips. I haven't seen test data from an independent source.

The chips and system have improved, with lines in Barcelona testing over 300 mega.

Chano Gomez of Marvel promises an impressive demonstration at BBWF.

Charles Hall at The Online Reporter has excellent coverage of and KT.


kt has developed the world’s first Gigabit speed capable of running in every LAN environment

▶ This is the world’s first time internet speeds have been able to hit 1 Gbps over a 2 pairs wire connection.
▶ Without laying down new wire, 1Gbps internet is now possible cost effectively.
▶ This new technology can also be applied rapidly overseas, allowing telecom companies around the globe to improve the capabilities of existing infrastructure.

On June 7th, kt (CEO Hwang Chang-gyu, unveiled the world’s first 1Gbps internet solution, which can be applied to all customers currently on 2 pairs wire internet connection.

In collaboration with local small and medium enterprises, kt has been able to develop new technology which improves the modulation between internet exchange points and subscribers, roughly doubling internet speed.

Through this new solution kt can offer customers high speed internet, even while living in areas without 4 pairs wire or fiber to the home.

Currently 39% are using ultrahigh speed internet in a LAN environment, and some of these customers who are in condo building only have 2 pairs wire connections, which has made it impossible up until now to get 1gbps internet speeds.

With the 2 Pairs Wire Giga Internet Solution, existing infrastructure can be utilized to improve speed. This is much more cost effective and cable does not need to be laid down or replaced.

kt Chief Technology Officer Lee Dong-myun said “We are the first in the world to develop GiGA Internet with GiGA Wire, which will help to strengthen our reputation as a IT powerhouse nation. We will continue to develop cutting-edge wired and wireless technologies in order to lead the era of 5G.”

In February of this year, the GiGA Wire technology was exported to Spain and Turkey in February. It is expected that this technology will continue to contribute to the improvement of telecommunications infrastructure globally.

※ For further information contact: kt Public Relations manager, Choi Bo-won at +822-730-0662

Additional Information:1. LAN Cable: Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable, connects on both ends with a RJ-45 connector. However the communications standard and the number of cables transmitting data can affect the transmission rate.

2. 2 pairs wire: 4 strands wires, data transmission via cable, is generally 100Mbps with a maximum speed of 500Mbps. And most buildings constructed before the year 2000, were wired with 2 pairs wire.

3. GiGA Wire: can provide internet speed up to 600Mbps using lines built for phone usage. This is a specialized solution for areas in which laying fiber-optic cable is difficult.

※ GiGA Wire Technology Intro.

ㅇOverview: GiGA Wire solution can provide high speed internet at premises legacy cable where fiber is not available. Based on ITU-T standard, this technology is composed of crosstalk mitigation and auto pairing on the bundle or 2 pair wire cable connected to multiple users. Customers can expect 5 times faster internet speed without any construction.

ㅇStandards: ITU-T G.996x (

ㅇDeployment plan: In 2013, KT introduced world’s first GiGA Wire to customers which allows speeds up to 600Mbps, and second half of 2016 will release GiGA Wire 2.0 speeds of up to 1Gbps.

ㅇApplication: GiGA Wire can be placed at the inside of building or historical site which are difficult to install new wire or fiber optic cable.

※ Photo Information
On June 7th, kt revealed the world’s first 2 Pairs Wire GiGA Internet which will provide customers in a LAN wire environment with 1 Gbps internet speed. In the photos a demonstration of the 1Gbps internet speed in a 2pairs wire LAN environment was shown, at kt’s Fusion Technology Center in Umyeon-dong Seoul.

Korean tech giant KT chooses Barcelona to kick off international sales of its new technological device 

The GiGa Wire device, which up to now had only been available in South Korea, can provide ultra-wide band internet service with existing copper line.  The Catalan Government, through Catalonia Trade & Investment agency, signed a memorandum of understanding with KT last week at the MWC to support the company in its European business entrance strategy.  The decision of the Korean company, which has over 23,000 workers, is an example of the driving force of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Catalonia and its position as the ICT heart of Europe. Barcelona, February 29, 2016.- South Korea’s largest telecommunication company, KT Corporation, has chosen Barcelona to launch its international sales of a new technological device which up to now was only used in Korea. It is called GiGa Wire and provides ultra-wide band internet service with existing copper line. Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), being held in Barcelona last week, the Government of Catalonia –through Catalonia Trade & Investment agency– signed a memorandum of understanding with the South Korean company to give support to KT in its European entrance strategy plans. This decision, for the Catalan Government, reinforces the positioning of Catalonia as a point of reference in Europe in the ICT sector and is a clear example of the driving force of the Mobile World Congress. The KT project has been handled from the Catalonia Trade & Investment offices in Barcelona and from the office located in Seoul. This is one of the 36 Catalan Trade and Investment delegations around the world which cover a total of 90 different markets. With over 23,000 workers, KT Corporation is South Korea’s largest and most important telecommunications company.